Table IV       Summary Table for Site Activities in the coming Three Months

Contract No.

Site Activities (September 2022 to November 2022)



(a)           Site Clearance, tree felling, removal of existing structures, site formation and G.I works in Portion 1a

(b)           Sheet piling, excavation, backfilling and drainage works in Portion 1b

(c)           Site clearance, removal of existing structures and site formation. in Portion 1c

(d)          Site clearance and site formation in Portion 1e

(e)           Site clearance, tree felling, site formation work and construction of subway in Portion 2

(f)            Site clearance, excavation, backfilling and drainage works in Portion 3

(g)           Drainage works, watermain, excavation, backfilling and road works in Portion 5

(h)           Drainage works and backfilling in Portion 6a

(i)            Operation of HAC treatment facility in Portion 6b

(j)            Site formation, sheet piling, excavation and drainage works in Portion 7

(k)           Construction of retaining wall, slope drainage and maintenance access construction, RC construction of flushing water service reservoir and excavation of fresh water reservoir, pipe pile wall of WSD’s maintenance access and backfilling works in Portion 8a

(l)            ELS for jacking pit at LWSC’s car park and trenchless work in Portion 8b

(m)         Sheet piling, excavation, drainage works and constructure of retaining wall in Portion 9b

(n)           Stockpile of soil in Portion 9c

(o)           Excavation, sheet piling for ELS, drainage works, road construction and utilities works in Portion 10a

(p)           Sheet piling, excavation and drainage works in Portion 10b


(a)             Pipe Jacking

(b)            Backfilling

(c)             Concreting

(d)            Bedding & Pipe Laying

(e)             ELS

(f)             Sheet Pile Installation

(g)            Cut and Fill of Slope



(a)         Portion 1 & Portion 1A

-            Drainage works at Yin Kong Road

-            Water Pipe Laying at Yin Kong Road

-            Construction of Pai Lau

(b)       Long Valley

-          Construction of Compacted Earth Bund / Walkway

-          Construction of Irrigation Channel

-          Construction of Decking & Sluices

-          Construction of Wetland Boardwalk

-          Construction of Type 1 Storage House

-          Construction of Type 2 Storage House

-          Construction of Tea House

-          Construction of Composting Facility

-          Construction of Bird Hide

-          Construction of Storage Sheds

-          Wetland Creation & Restoration works



(a)           Tree felling

(b)          Predrill

(c)           Bored piling

(d)          Excavation

(e)           Sheet piling and ELS

(f)           Pile cap construction

(g)           Drainage works


(a)            North Team Works

-          Pre-drilling for bored piles at B2-03-P3, P5, P6

-          Bored piling at B1, B2 & C1(Portion II) and D2-01.

-          ELS works and Pile cap construction at B1-01m, B1-02ab, C1-01b, C1-02b, C1-03ab, C1-04ab, C2-01, C2-02, C2-03a, C2-04a, C3-01a, C3-02, D1-02 and E2-01.

-          Pier construction at B1-02ab, C1-01b, C1-02b, C1-03ab, C1-04ab, C2-01, C2-02, C3-03a, C3-04ab, C4-02, D1-02, D1-03, D1-04, E1-04 & E2-01.


(b)            Viaduct Works

-          Segment fabrication for bridge C2 & C3 & D1 & E1.

-          Remaining components of Launching Girder (LG) delivery to site.

-          Erection of 1st pair non match cast segments at pier C4-03.

-          LG assembly works.

-          Segments erection for bridges D1 and E1.

-          2nd set FT delivery. To be used in August-2022.

-          3rd set FT design and fabrication. To be used in Feb-2023.

-          4th set FT design and fabrication. To be used in May-2023.

-          Complete construction of pile caps E2-01 and D2-01 and installation of cast-in rotation bridge components.

-          Bridge rotation system fabrication completion and delivery to site


(c)            South Team Works

-          Venton Area – Construct new road (section from Venton to Kei Kee).

-          Portion 13 – Fw52 bay 1 to 4a, backfilling to formation level and Gas main laying.

-          Portion 17 and 18 – Backfilling for new TWSRW.

-          Portion 18 – 11kv ducts laying.

-          TWSR (West) – Backfilling and form new road behind FW06 and FS04 slope works.

-          TWSR (East) – Form D300 new road, BBI footing

-          HKY FB (East) – Erection of steel bridge

-          Portion 11 – DN600 watermain laying work.

-          E2-03 – Pile cap and Pier construction.

-          E3-01 – Pier head construction.

-          E3-02 – Cap and Pier construction

-          D2-02 – Pier construction.

-          D2-03 – Cap and Pier construction.

-          E3-04b, E3-05M and E4-01 – predrilling and piling.

-          NB109 – base slab construction.



The construction phase has been completed and handed over to AFCD since 4 April 2022.


(a)        Site clearance at Portion 4

(b)       Erection of site hoarding at Portion 4

(c)        C&D waste disposal at Portion 1, 2, 4 and 5

(d)       Construction of box culvert at Portion 2

(e)        Filling works at Portion 1, 2 and 4

(f)        Construction of site haul road at Portion 4

(g)        Drainage works, Sewerage works at Portion 1, 3, 4 and 5

(h)       Mini piling works at Portion 4

(i)         Construction of noise barrier at Portion 4 and 5

(j)         Waterworks at Portion 1