Table 2.3     Summary Table for Major Site Activities in the Reporting Month

Contract No.

Site Activities (October 2023)


(a)          Drainage works at Portion 1a

(b)         Site formation, socket-H piling and erection of hoarding at Portion 1c

(c)          Temporary storage of material at Portion 1e

(d)         Site clearance, site formation, construction of subway, drainage works and road works at Portion 2

(e)          Sheet piling, drainage works and watermain works at Portion 3

(f)          Watermains works at Portion 5

(g)         Drainage works and backfilling at Portion 6a

(h)         Operation of HAC soil treatment facility at Portion 6b

(i)           Excavation and drainage works at Portion 7

(j)           Construction of retaining wall, RC construction of fresh water service reservoir, construction of WSDs maintenance access, drainage works, backfilling works and soil nail at Portion 8a

(k)         Pipe jacking at LWSCs car park, trenchless work and watermain construction at Portion 8b

(l)           Sheet piling, excavation, drainage and watermain works at Portion 9b

(m)       Site clearance and removal of existing structures at Portion 13


(a)            Pipe Jacking

(b)           Backfilling

(c)            Concreting

(d)           Bedding and pipe laying

(e)            ELS

(f)            Sheet Pile Installation

(g)           Cut and Fill of Slope


(a)       Portion 1 & Portion 1A

-             Road & Drainage works and watermains works at Yin Kong Road

-             Construction of Pavilion at Yin Kong Road

(b)      Portion 2 to Portion 20C

-             Wetland creation & restoration, Dry agricultural land creation

-             Construction of compacted earth path

-             Construction of Water Treatment Wetland

-             Tree felling and tree pruning work

-             Construction of Lodging Facility

-             Construction of Dry Weather Flow Interception (DWFI)

-             Construction of Car Park and Farmer’s Forum


(a)    Tree Felling

(b)    Pile Cap

(c)    Back Filling

(d)    Excavation

(e)    Grouting

(f)     Sheet Piling

(g)    Road works

(h)    Formwork Erection

(i)     Rebar Fixing

(j)     Pre-drill

(k)    Bore pile

(l)     ELS


(a)          South Team

-          E3-05M –Pile cap completed. Pier construction in progress.

-          E3-04a – ELS in progress. Abandoned pile cap was removed 6 Sep 2023.

-          D2-04M – Bored Piling is in progress. P1 was completed on 26 Sep 2023. P2 is in progress.

-          FS04 – Raking drain and middle berm and construction work completed.

-          Works in TWSRE

A.     BBI cover walkway (Steelwork) – 1st stage was completed.

B.      Road Drains (i.e. gullies and manholes) along Road L201 are completed.

C.      HKY Footbridge/Staircase – Installation of subframe and roof in progress.

D.     HKY Footbridge/Staircase – Installation of Roof Fabricated Movement Joints completed.

E.      Road D400 leading to L201 Pavement work is completed.

F.      Diversion of Traffic to New BBI is completed on 7 Oct 2023.

-          Works in TWSRW –

A.     11kv cable laying (FS04) in progress.

B.      Telecoms ducts laying (FS06) in progress.

C.      Sewerage diversion (DN600 Between TWS1.02 and TWS1.08) is completed.

D.     Drainage work – Manhole (FL9110) construction work is completed.

E.      Gas Pipe laying (IPA400/HP600 – near HKY entrance) in completed.

F.      Fresh and flushing water pipe laying (DN450/DN150 near HKY entrance) is completed.

G.     Road construction work (Concrete and bitumen paving – P800 CH350 to CH385) in progress.

-          NB109

A.     Bay 9 1st pour Wall is completed.

B.      Bay 10 1st pour Wall is in progress.

C.      Bay 11 Footing in progress.

D.     Bay 12 is setting up for Plate Load Test.

E.      Bay 5 to Bay 8 2nd Wall is in progress.

-          NB69 – Bay 5 and Bay 6 Footing are completed. 1st Wall is in progress.

-          NB110 – Bay 3 to 5 Wall completed. Bay 8 Excavation is completed and Footing is in progress.

(b)         North Team

-          Construction of pile cap of B2-01 completed.

-          Slope works of FS 30 was in progress.

-          Installation of falsework at C2-01 crosshead completed.

-          Dismantling of formwork for B1-02 Portal Beam construction completed.

-          C1-02 portal beam construction in progress.

-          C1-01 MJ portal construction in progress.

-          B2-01 pier construction completed

-          Construction of B1- Abutment wall in progress.

-          Backfilling & extraction of sheet pile at C2-02 were in progress.

-          Backfilling at C4-02 were in progress

-          Removal of temporary concrete block platform at D2-01 and debris due to black rainstorm were in progress.

-          JCR: Traffic diversion of slow lane of northbound of Jockey Club Rd was completed.

-          JCR: Abandoned of gully, removal of existing kerb and construction of bitumen joint were in progress.

-          JCR: Construction of pipe support for DN 150 exposed pipe was in progress.

-          JCR Tong Hang Village: Construction of cable duct / pits for detection loop/traffic signal / street light was completed.

(c)          Bridges and Structures

-          Total 647 segments were casted in Huizhou casting yard.

-          Total 417 segments were delivered to site, and total 365 segments erected.

-          C3-02 T-span segment erection by LG in progress.

-          C2-03 diaphragm construction in completed.

-          SOP E2-01 formwork dismantle completed.

-          SOP E2-03 construction completed.

-          Construction of D2-01 bridge rotation system and upper turntable in progress.

-          LG launch to C3-02 T-span

-          Fabricate of steel support at Zheng Zhou for Bridge B1 in progress

(d)         Form Traveler

-            Form traveler rebar fixing for 11th pair segment at E2-02 in progress.

-            Form traveler rebar fixing for 03rd pair segment at D2-02 in progress.

-            Dismantling of Form traveler at E3-03 completed.

-            FT02 erection at E3-01 in progress.

-            FT04 erection at D2-03 in progress.

-            FT05 erection at E2-01 in progress.

-            Completed concreting E2-E2-02-E2-03-S010, E2-E2-02-E2-01-S10.

-            Completed concreting D2-D2-02-D2-03-S01, D2-D2-02-D2-01-S01, D2-D2-02-D2-03-S02, D2-D2-02-D2-01-S02.


The construction phase was completed and handed over to AFCD since 4 April 2022.


(a)            Road works at Portion 1, 4 and 5

(b)           C&D waste disposal at Portion 1, 2, 4 and 5

(c)            Drainage works, Sewerage works at Portion 2, 3, 4 and 5

(d)           Construction of box culvert at Portion 2

(e)            Filling works at Portion 2 and 4

(f)            Construction of site haul road at Portion 4

(g)           Waterworks at Portion 1, 2 and 4