Table 5.1     Water Quality Monitoring Parameters and Frequency

Parameters, unit



·         Temperature(°C)

·         pH(pH unit)

·         turbidity (NTU)

·         water depth (m)

·         salinity (ppt)

·         DO (mg/L and % of saturation)

·         SS (mg/L)

·         Ammonia Nitrogen (NH3-N) (mg NH3-N/L)

·         Unionized Ammonia (UIA) (mg/L)

·         Nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) (mg NO3--N/L)

·         Ortho-phosphate (PO4) (mg PO43--P/L)

·      3 water depths: 1m below water surface, mid-depth and 1m above river bed.

·      If the water depth was less than 3m, mid-depth sampling only.

·      If water depth was less than 6m, mid-depth may be omitted.

3 days per week during

construction of channel