Table IV         Summary Table for Site Activities in the coming Three Months

Contract No.

Site Activities (November 2023 to January 2024)


(a)          Drainage works and sheet pile in Portion 1a

(b)         Site formation, stockpile of soil, erection of hoarding and construction of noise barrier in Portion 1c

(c)          Temporary storage of material in Portion 1e

(d)         Site formation work, construction of subway, road works and drainage works in Portion 2

(e)          Excavation, backfilling, drainage and watermain works in Portion 3

(f)          Watermain works, excavation, backfilling, road works, sheet piling and pipe jacking in Portion 5

(g)         Drainage works, backfilling, road works, watermains works in Portion 6a

(h)         Operation of HAC treatment facility in Portion 6b

(i)           Sheet piling, excavation, stockpile of soil, drainage works and watermain works in Portion 7

(j)           Construction of retaining wall, RC construction of fresh water reservoir, excavation at WSD’s maintenance access, backfilling works, drainage works, soil nail and pipe pile wall installation in Portion 8a

(k)         Trenchless work, excavation, watermain works and ground treatment in Portion 8b

(l)           Sheet piling, excavation, road works, drainage works and watermain works in Portion 9b

(m)       Site clearance, tree felling, removal of existing structure and stockpile of soil in Portion 13


(a)           Pipe Jacking

(b)           Backfilling

(c)           Concreting

(d)           Bedding & Pipe Laying

(e)           ELS

(f)            Sheet Pile Installation

(g)           Cut and Fill of Slope


(a)        Portion 1 & Portion 1A

-            Road & Drainage works and watermains works at Yin Kong Road

-            Construction of Pavilion at Yin Kong Road

(b)     Portion 2 to Portion 20C

-          Wetland creation & restoration, Dry agricultural land creation

-          Construction of compacted earth path

-          Construction of Water Treatment Wetland

-          Tree felling and tree pruning work

-          Construction of Lodging Facility

-          Construction of Dry Weather Flow Interception (DWFI)

-          Construction of Car Park and Farmer’s Forum


(a)           Tree Felling

(b)           Pile Cap

(c)           Back Filling

(d)           Excavation

(e)           Grouting

(f)            Sheet Piling

(g)           Road works

(h)           Formwork Erection

(i)            Rebar Fixing

(j)            Pre-drill

(k)           Bore pile

(l)            ELS


(a)           North Team Works

-          Backfilling and drainage work at C4-02 & C4-01.

-          Backfilling at C2-02.

-          Slope works at On Lok Garden FS 30.

-          Construction of B1-abutment wall, backfill & extraction of sheet pile.

-          Exposed water main of Jockey Club Rd – F63.

-          Road works of northbound of Jockey Club Rd.

-          Laying ducting for traffic signal, traffic light & street light & construction of permanent footpath for subsequent pedestrian diversion at J/O of JCR and Tong Hang Tsuen

-          Construction of new box culvert & retaining wall at Tong Hang Tsuen

-          Drainage works – DN 900 at On Kui Street near B1.

-          Pier & pier head construction at D2-01.

-          Cross head construction at B2-01, B2-02 & B2-03.

(b)         Viaduct Works

-          Segment fabrication for bridge C2, C1, D1, D2, E1, E4

-          Segments erection by LG at bridges C3, C2

-          SOP construction at D2-01

-          Construction of pile cap and installation of bridge rotation components at pier D2-01

-          Construction of Bridge B1

-          Parapet skin fabrication and parapet construction.

(c)          South Team Works

-          TWSRW – Road work and UUs laying (Section P800 CH 300 to 450).

-          TWSRW – Construction of lower berm and Hydroseeding at FS04.

-          TWSRW - CLP 11 kv cable diversion work (1ST)

-          TWSRW – Gas (IPA400 and HP600) diversion work

-          TWSRW – Foundation work of D2-04M

-          TWSRE – Pavement Works (D400, L201, Temporary Road to match D300)

-          HKY FB (East) – Installation of cladding and E&M works.

-          HKY FB (West) – Construction of LT2 (Mini-piles)

-          E3-04a, E304b, E4-01 and E4-02 – cap construction

-          E305M Pier Head construction

-          NB109 – Bay 11~12 base slab construction. Bay 5 to 12 wall construction.

-          NB69 – Bay 5~6 base slab construction.

-          NB110 – Bay 8 ELS and base slab construction.

-          Demolish Existing NB74 and BBI.

(d)         Form Traveler

-          E3-01 – construction 2nd to 4th pair

-          E2-02 – construction 11th to 14th pair

-          D2-02 – construction 03rd to 7th pair

-          D2-03 – erection of form traveler no. 4 & construction 1st to 2nd pair

-          E2-01 - erection of 5th set of form traveler.


The construction phase has been completed and handed over to AFCD since 4 April 2022.


(a)        Road works at Portion 1, 4 and 5

(b)        C&D waste disposal at Portion 1, 2, 4 and 5

(c)        Construction of box culvert at Portion 2

(d)        Filling works at Portion 2 and 4

(e)        Construction of site haul road at Portion 4

(f)         Drainage works, Sewerage works at Portion 2, 3, 4 and 5

(g)        Construction of noise barrier at Portion 4 and 5

(h)        Waterworks at Portion 1, 2 and 4