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Air Quality Monitoring Data (English version only)
ID for Monitoring Stations:
KTN-DMS1 (Planned)
Nursery Classes and Kindergartens; Post Offices
KTN-DMS2 (Planned)
Nursery Classes and Kindergartens (2 nos); District Elderly Community Centre
KTN-DMS3 (Planned)
Village Resite
KTN-DMS4 (Existing)
Temporary Structure near Fanling Highway (near Pak Shek Au)
FLN-DMS1 (Existing)
Scattered Village Houses North of Proposed Potential Ecopark
FLN-DMS2 (Planned)
Residential Buildings, Nursery Classes and Kindergartens, Neighborhood Elderly Community Centre, Residential Home for the Elderly, Post Office
FLN-DMS3 (Existing)
House near Tong Hang